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Excavation Services

LJL Electrical, Heating & Cooling Inc. servicing Alden, Erie, Genesee, and Wyoming counties and surrounding areas can prepare your land for water lines, electrical lines, well systems, gas lines, water wells, pool wiring and gas lines for heaters. We offer a variety of mini-excavation jobs at the best prices. Our equipment is top of the lines and our team is cautious and dependable when working on any service.

Give us a call at 716-937-4628 to schedule your excavation service.

Water Lines

  • Main water from the street to your house
  • From one house to another building

Electrical Lines

  • Main service lines underground from pole to house
  • Wires feeding pools, hot tubs, garages
  • From one house to another building

Well Systems

  • From well casing to the inside of the basement
  • From one house to another building, such as barns, or other buildings on the property

Gas Lines

  • From the main street to your house
  • From one house to another building
  • Pool heaters away from your house
  • Buildings away from your house

Septic Repairs

  • From your house to septic tank
  • From tank to distribution box
  • From distribution box to leach lines

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